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A typical facebook conversation about bigotry

Social Justice Warrior to the rescue!!

Someone posted another one of those comparisons between a soldier and Caitlyn Jenner to make the whole, “she’s not a hero argument.

Then someone replied. I became irritated with their response and the scintillating follow-ups and I rode it hard and long:

Guy: Bruce Jenner is delusional

Daniel Valencia: A truly empathic and informed contribution

Guy: The chromosomes don’t lie.

Daniel Valencia: What do you actually know about chromosomes? Or delusion? Or empathy? Or sexuality, gender, gender spectrum, gender norms, etc, etc, etc, etc. What do you know besides you think it’s weird so therefore it’s bad and this guy experiencing this thing you know absolutely nothing about is delusional?

Guy: Should a take a test before having an opinion? save the social justice routine .

I’m grinding my teeth a little at this point. You know, sometimes I really really think people should have to take a test if they are going to be allowed to inflict a single one of their god-damns on humanity. But I’ll happily settle for having a clue what you’re talking about. You don’t even have to be well-informed your daily life, that only affects you, everybody around you, your family, just be well-informed on Facebook. Think of the Facebook!

Daniel Valencia: Lol. I absolutely will not stop the social justice routine. When somebody says something ignorant dismissive and uninformed that’s the best time with a social justice routine. You think you have a free pass to talk s*** about somebody you don’t know where they can’t defend themselves and somehow I don’t get to tell you to your face you don’t know what the f*** you’re talking about?

Guy: I’m sorry, did I give the impression that I give a shit what you think?

Daniel Valencia: Repeatedly. Still doing it now.

It’s okay though, nobody wastes their time on Facebook if they don’t care what people think SO you’re in good company WHICH is literally the point.

But you might want to put your big boy pants on if you’re going to use Facebook and then act confused when someone calls you on your bullshit.

Guy: I’m not confused. I literally don’t gave a shit what some crybaby social justice warrior thinks.

Daniel Valencia: Still doing it.

I initially gave you shit because you made an obviously ignorant comment which highlighted your bigotry. I continue to give you shit because you’re too lazy to do anything but repeat yourself, yet still willing to waste your time. A crybaby is somebody who has nothing at all to say, so they cry. That’s you. I’ll take “social justice warrior.” though. I like the sound of that. I’m sorry you think that my confronting you makes me a social justice warrior, though. It points at some serious issues with insecurity.

But, hey, what am I crying about, though? “Waaa!! People decide to be assholes and do absolutely nothing about it and it makes me want to confront them”? “WaaAA! I get sick of people who think they’re contributing anything to society by making pointless comments on facebook and then getting upset when other people expect them to act like adults for a second and maybe back up what they’re saying or shut the fuck up and read a book. Waaaa!”?

Guy: You’re not confronting anyone, get real. You’ve done nothing but sling insults and assumptions. I can’t take that kind of nonsense seriously. The reality is, we don’t agree. You think Bruce Jenner is a women, a “goddess” as some called her. I think He’s a dude in a dress.

Daniel Valencia: Just to realign things a little, lest you gin up this back-and-forth so you can go away feeling better about yourself.

I never said Jenner was a woman or a goddess. That wasn’t part of the discussion, it’s just in your head.

This isn’t a case of two equal but different opinions. You made a disparaging remark. I invited you to do back it up. You declined. The only opinion I offered you was in appraisal of what you were saying, the rest is in your head.

You started with the insult slinging. I confronted YOU. I told you what you’re saying is bullshit and why. You continue with the insult slinging once I engaged you. All you have to offer is you don’t want to deal with my crybaby social justice bullshit.

Now if you want to say you don’t like gays or transexuals, I won’t say anything about that. There are more then enough bigots on facebook for me to go confronting every single one I encounter. I am but one single social justice warrior after all

You don’t know anything about sexuality or gender identity. You’re just some insecure guy who is offended by differences in sexuality and you were motivated enough to say something on facebook in a friend’s post. Then another friend applied a little pressure and you fell apart. That’s what everybody else is going to see.

Guy: You’re just as delusional as Bruce.

Daniel Valencia In order for you to go on thinking as you do, you must convince yourself that I am. Otherwise… you’d have to challenge yourself, and I get the feeling your just as lazy with that as you are with communication.

Daniel Valencia: But just to clarify, if you call someone delusional and someone else a crybaby, that’s fine, but if someone takes issue with your words and how you’re talking, they’re slinging insults.

If you want to you can talk shit about someone on facebook, that’s fine, but if someone else wants to (by taking issue with that directly) it’s not cool.

If you want to have personal problems with someone you don’t even know, never met, and know nothing about, and you think the world needs you to post that on facebook, that’s not at all delusiional, but if I talk to a real person doing a real thing and appraise that and call for some owning up, that makes me delusional.

Guy: I’m not alone with thinking, that whole family is delusional. As for Bruce, you have zero information about his mental state. He may very we’ll be delusional. You applied my comment across the transgender board and used it as a source for ammo. Making wild assumptions and calling people bigots is hardly productive and shouldn’t be tolerated.

Daniel Valencia: That’s a good try. You’re backpedaling from the trans thing now, but your the one that brought up chromosomes, “dude in a dress,” so don’t try to make it seem like you were talking about… fame gone crazy or some shit like that, and I came along and completely misunderstood you.

There’s a definite theme here, you appear to be the one actually guilty of the things you’re trying to use to characterize me. You make assumptions when you make value judgments about people you don’t know. My assumptions aren’t nearly so wild when I’m just directly addressing the words you’re typing on you’re keyboard.

Then there ‘s talking about Jenner’s mental state. As if me not knowing about her mental state helps you with what you’re saying. YOU don’t know about her mental state. But you’re taking the position that because a guy feels he is a girl, than that makes him delusional, and you’re certainly not qualified to make that assertion.

And you’re right about one thing. Wild assumptions should not be tolerated. That’s where I came in. Social Justice Warrior.

Yes, I know engaging with people on facebook is pointless, but I got this wonderful exchange that epitomizes a lot of problems with these arguments. Also, other people who read it are going to have something to consider. Also, man… I just can’t help myself sometimes. If you’re being a dick I am probably going to call you on your shit.

I’m tempted to do an analysis on this. I’m also resistant to doing an analysis on some facebook comment thread and need a better reason than this to go there. Let me just say, never let this stuff slide.

And when people talk about you violating their first amendment rights. Tell them speech is free, but it isn’t always easy.

Maybe more people will think before they speak, even in the relative safety of the internet.


If you haven’t read why I think all the Anti-Caitlyn Jenner arguments are probably

bullshit, read that article there, and here’s another article about Feminism, Transgender, and Caitlyn Jenner you should read.

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