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Betsy D-Minus

Betsy DeVos: Fun Facts from the Dumpster Fire.

  • DeVos described Donald Trump as an “interloper” and said that he “does not represent the Republican Party.

  • Betsy DeVos wants to trim the fat in the Dept of Education, namely schools and teachers. When talking about how useless she thought the public education system is, Betsy DeVos called public schools a “dead end.”
  • She was approved to head the Dept of Ed. by a party-line vote. Vice President Mike Pence was needed as a tie-breaking vote. It was the first time in US history a VP was needed to break a tie vote for a cabinet member nomination.
  • She has a wish list of things she would like to do to Public Education that make one think of the latest Saw film. You can read more about that in our other article
    Read about the potential dangers if Betsy DeVos has her way.
    Thankfully, hopefully, her budget cuts would be “next to impossible to get through congress.” 
  • Her family is scary. Her father-in-law founded Amway, and her brother founded Blackwater–two companies that spring to mind when one things of privatization and deregulation run amok.
    Read more about her and her family here.


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