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Posts published in “Politics”

Roy Moore

Roy Moore: Women call him a molester and abuser, white supremacists call him friend, professors and classmates called him an alarmingly unintelligent doofus

Rick Rolling Gates

Never gonna give you up, probably Never gonna let you down, but Bob Mueller’s counting on it Never gonna run around and desert you, even…

George Papadopoulos

George Papadopoulos was hired by the Trump as a foreign-policy adviser despite a resume so thin that he cited Model UN experience as a credential.

Paul Went-to-Court

Poor little Pauly Manafort Told too many lies And went to court He’s deeply in debt, but He’s not quite done yet He’ll flip for…

Kids for Cash Judges Tied Up

Court records show that children were denied their right to counsel, given maximum sentencing under an inflated "zero tolerance" policy, and the judges either ignored the recommendations of probation officers or pressured them into recommending detention instead of release, all to fill prison beds and earn kick-backs on the backs of the children.