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Dashcam Video of Dylan Roof Arrest Released

The Shelby, North Carolina Police Department released dash cam footage of the arrest of Dylann Roof Tuesday.

The video shows Roof calmly cooperating as several police officers took him into custody.

Not taken to Burger King

Roof was provided with food, but he was not, as some news outlets have reported, taken to Burger King.

According to

Roof was apprehended between 10 and 11 AM on 18 June 2015… At the time of Roof’s arrest, the Charleston shooting was a worldwide headline and the case had already escalated to the level of a major news story.

Regardless of all the straightforward reasons why police would provide food to a suspect in their custody [including a desire to avoid giving Roof an opportunity to later claim that his rights were violated] the plain explanation is that Roof hadn’t eaten in days, and the Shelby PD didn’t have the facilities to house him and provide him with meals while waiting for federal and Charleston authorities to arrive, so they had to dispatch someone to a nearby business to pick up some food for him.

The idea that some have is that he was taken to Burger King and that he was treated in a weirdly mild and polite way. It is much more likely that the Shelby Police Department, suddenly the focus of international media attention and scrutiny, wanted to do everything as clean and unimpeachable as possible and wanted to avoid technical loopholes that might complicate the case against Roof.


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