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John Oliver can even make an important discussion about food waste funny.

The other night John Oliver tackled food waste.

He talked about wasteful eating habits and the culture that makes food seem like a status symbol, and the ability to shower ourselves with a mountain of french fries a sign of affluence.

  • Americans throw away enough food to fill 730 football stadiums.
  • We throw away a third of our food, 50%  more than fifty years ago.
  • In 2013, more than 49 million people didn’t have enough food.

John Oliver is maybe THE best person to take scary, painful, depressing, and downright disgusting but VERY IMPORTANT DISCUSSIONS THAT NEED TO BE HAD and give a comforting and diffusing dose of the funny. A spoonful of sugar to make the medicine go down.

Check out this funny, and nauseating, fake commercial from John Oliver.

If you’ve got the time, watch the whole story about wasteful eating habits and the very real mountains of trash and metaphorical mountains of economic hardship caused by those wasteful habits.


Many charitable organizations like soup kitchens, churches, and food banks have deals with grocers to take their “unusable” food and distribute it to the needy. Ask your church and whoever you can if they have a program like this or if they don’t what you can do to help them start one.


  1. Cristie Sennett Cristie Sennett July 30, 2015

    John Oliver is a genius. He made net neutrality funny too. I didn’t think that was possible.

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