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Net Neutrality Info and To Do List

John Oliver is skilled at presenting esoteric or boring and impenetrable information in a way that is understandable and amusing. Here he discusses (for the second time because it is so important and because US government keeps trying to fuck it up) net neutrality.

Obama secured Net Neutrality three years ago, but because Trump is determined to reverse everything Obama ever did because he mocked him mercilessly at a White House Correspondents dinner, and because literally everyone in the Trump administration is the Fox that wants to destroy the henhouse they are put in charge of, the Trump head of the FCC is looking to dismantle net neutrality.


Here are petitions that you can quickly sign to show your support for net neutrality. Arguably in the order of importance.

The whitehouse petition already has a quarter million signatures when the goal was 100k. This should not be your signal to rest easy. This current government is fully intent on reversing freedoms and putting more power in the hands of big business, and only the most obviously unpopular goals have any hope of being curtailed. We have to scream long and loud. Lobby your congressman. Urge your social media contacts to act.

Battle for the Net also includes info for contacting your congressman.

The FCC head, Ajit Pai is moving on this with prejudice. Like all of Trumps other heads, he is hostile to the functions of the dept of which he is in charge.

The only options are to circulate the real information, make sure people are not fooled by propaganda from Verizon or republican law-makers.

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