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The NFL Not-for-profit scandal is bullshit.

Not-For-Profit Status

Somebody doesn’t know what non-profit means.

1) He pays taxes on his salary, as does any executive or employee of a non-profit.

2) A not-for-profit organization does not actually have a profit, all income has to be returned to the organization and it’s mission statement.

3) In the case of the NFL, its earnings are distributed to the teams which also pay taxes.

The NFL makes about $1 billion a year. It saves about $10 million a year on taxes through the not-for-profit tax exemption. This is nothing in context, because each team and employee does pay taxes.

Also, this is nothing compared to the $5.4 billion in taxpayer dollars that have been spent by state governors to subsidize the building of stadiums, and, according to CNN money, “The NFL also benefited from another $4 billion in tax breaks on the bonds used to finance stadiums.”

Stop reposting inaccurate graphics and yell at your governor!

If people are really bothered by how much money the NFL and Goodell (not Goodale) make, then they should write their state government and tell them they won’t vote for anyone who will continue the practice of subsidizing hugely profitable teams.

People should stop attending games and go instead go to small, locally-owned restaurants and recreation. People should stop paying exorbitant rates for licensed team jerseys and instead support educational charities and lobby their state to put more funds into education.

Not-for-profit is a preferable business model.

Not-for-profits have to make their income and expenditures public. Major League Baseball actually gave up their tax exemption so they can stop disclosing this information.

Not-for-profits have to put profits back into the business. They pay employees more an they invest in the quality of the business, brand, and product.

If more companies were non-for-profit, we would have stronger companies, products of higher quality, and a better-paid work force.

Stop the madness.

If you learn the real information, you know who to actually get mad at and what to do about it. Find out what your state government does with your money. The more local you focus, the more powerful your voice and actions can be.

Stop spreading distracting disinformation through idiot infographics that you have spent ten seconds reading, two seconds reposting, and zero seconds considering.


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